Follow along on our campaign to represent Canada at the 2016 Summer Olympics!

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The Miami World Cup has come to a close and sadly so has our campaign to represent Canada at the 2016 Summer Olympics. This regatta was the North American continental qualifier and was our final chance to qualify Canada for one of only 20 country berths. After a good qualifying series at the beginning of the regatta, we were able to qualify for Gold Fleet. We pushed hard all week but were unable to finish ahead of the top American teams who all sailed extremely well. While not qualifying for the 2016 Olympics is a hard reality to face, we have had an incredible journey along the way. The places we've been, the people we've met, and the hard work we've put into our campaign over the last two and a half years has been an experience of a lifetime. Even though we have some big decisions to make about our futures, sailing is our passion and our journey does not end here. We will be representing Canada in the 2016 World Championships next week in Clearwater, Florida where we hope to build off of our gold fleet performance this past week.

The amount of support we've received from all of our supporters and sponsors has been incredible. Thank you to KUBRA, Air Canada, CIBC, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Medcan, UCC Industries, The Royal Canadian Yacht Club, the Canadian Sailing Team/équipe canadienne de voile, and all of our supporters for making this campaign possible. We would also like to personally thank Paul Currie, Alan May, Paul Sustronk, and our families for the support and mentorship you've shown us since we started this journey.

Congratulations to our American competitors and friends on qualifying for the Olympics. We'll see you all in Clearwater next week!
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4 months ago

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Df DoyleJustin and David... Late catching up, sorry. You did us all proud, a superb job and accomplished more than all but a few in your sailing community. Bravo.3 months ago

Jennifer DeakinYour journeys not ended just taken a diversion, we are all proud of you and look forward to the next stage. Hugs to you boh4 months ago

Greta CusworthYou accomplished so much and have so much to be proud of! And you gave us armchair sailors lots of excitement to follow. Have fun and best of luck in Clearwater!4 months ago

Mary Helen BarnesVery proud of all of your hard work, perseverance and dedication.3   ·  4 months ago

Alex David MatthewsYou guys have done some awesome work! Huge congrats on making it this far! You guys are gonna crush Clearwater!4 months ago

Anne DavidsonI am still very, very proud of the 2 of you! Real champs!!4 months ago

Stuart ZaltzYou've made us all very proud! Congratulations on an amazing journey.4 months ago

Connie DicksonThanks for letting us share in your experiences guys and good luck in Clearwater. ⛵️🇨🇦4 months ago

Kristi M. FeinzigAgree. It has been great to follow. Congrats on how far you did go!4 months ago

Seamus RyderYou guys are champions in my books! Congrats on your solid Gold Fleet performance.4 months ago

Jeff HorlorBeauties. Keep at it boys! Love for the sport comes before all.4 months ago

Byron WoodMaybe next time. How about Singing Rod Stewart's "Sailing" at choir choir choir to celebrate the achievements anyway4 months ago

Paul CurrieTwo very classy Guys !4 months ago

Dulce VazquezSee Vela Duma, Mexican team2 months ago

Jessica MoriSo proud of you guys!1   ·  4 months ago

Jenny WoodGreat journey!!!4 months ago

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We're happy to say that we qualified for Gold Fleet. It wasn't our best sailing today, but we're still in the battle. We have a steep hill to climb - time to step up the aggression!

Thanks for all the support so far,
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4 months ago

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Greta CusworthCongrats on the gold fleet!! Keep that upward momentum going all the way!4 months ago

Paul CurrieAt least u have a hill 2 climb! No worries, u know what u have to do !4 months ago

Sandie MacdonaldGood luck guys - wish you the best ⛵️⛵️🍁4 months ago

Ellen Scottexcellent work! keep it up!4 months ago

Ingrid MerryGo for it!!!1   ·  4 months ago

Chris PurvesGo get it!!4 months ago

Connie Dickson4 months ago

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We're pretty happy with how today went, although a few small changes and we would have been really happy with it. We're still in the hunt and on the cusp of Gold Fleet.

One more day of qualification, points are tight!

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4 months ago

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Jennifer Deakinmy cheeks are hurting with all this puffing but I'm not giving up on you. Good luck1   ·  4 months ago

Dan GandyDoing my wind dance boys!4 months ago

Jamie DaltonLegggooo!2   ·  4 months ago

Emma BeeSending extra luck!! Go guys!1   ·  4 months ago

Sandie MacdonaldYou can do it !!4 months ago

Colleen CoderreLets go boys!4 months ago

Sam BoninGold for Mori Barnes4 months ago

Christian Bonin"Dog on a bone" boys4 months ago

Perry WoodmanYou guys can do it.4 months ago

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